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Get involved today by becoming a She's Somebody's Daughter City.

Your community is the place where you live and work. You can be part of making that community one that honors women and discourages sexual objectification. At the same time you can help make your city a leader and a voice for creating a new culture nationwide. Review the list below for ways to get started! 


  1. Speak to the mayor about declaring a “She’s Somebody’s Daughter Day” in your city (if you live in the state capitol, speak to the governor’s office)
  2. Work to get the local radio and TV stations to air the I Am Somebody’s Daughter PSAs.
  3. Hold a meeting with concerned citizens groups to talk about ways to proactively respond to eliminating advertising that objectifies women from your community. Create a task force.
  4. Speak to local shopkeepers and the local mall manager about the kinds of advertising images they use in their shop windows and display cases. Let them know that you will be spending your money in stores that refrain from using objectifying and highly sexualized images of women to promote their products.
  5. Identify local agencies that fight against sex trafficking and provide people the opportunity to volunteer.
  6. Raise money to put She’s Somebody’s Daughter billboards up in your city. Talk to local corporations that are interested in putting forth a positive image and helping in the community. Studies show that healthier, intact families are more prosperous. Show them how their support for this issue helps families and their bottom line.
  7. Plan and create some live events to draw attention to the issue – a film screening, a concert, a “Safe libraries, Safe schools” event, a candle lighting are just a few examples.
  8. Speak to the local newspaper about doing a series of articles on pornography. There is a lot of current interest in the issue of sex trafficking. Encourage reporters to explore the demand side and the ties of pornography to sex trafficking.
  9. Contact local churches and share the “Become a She’s Somebody’s Daughter” church page with them. Arrange for a Church Training Day. Have a speaker talk to church and community leaders about the resources that are available to help on this issue and how to use therm. Encourage pastors to consider preaching or doing a sermon series on ways churches should respond to the problem of pornography.
  10. Speak to your employer about becoming a “She’s Somebody’s Daughter” business. Ask them about sponsoring a live event.
  11. Hold a She’s Somebody’s Daughter 5k or 10k run to raise awareness on issue of pornography and its ties to sex trafficking and abuse. Donate the money you raise to local women’s shelters and safe houses.

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