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     On Facebook yesterday, a pastor’s son posted: ‘Game of Thrones’ starts in ten minutes! It was a little disconcerting to see this knowing the controversy surrounding this particular show because of its pornographic and violent scenes. While we have not watched ‘Game of Thrones’ we decided to do a little research.    

The show offers up a large dose of sexually violent acts and violence in general, so it is hard to step around these scenes and topics. Don’t expect to find the links to most of the articles and posts reviewed because of the triggering content and photos. Well, we say triggering, but the truth is that much of it is pornography; that’s the plain and simple truth.

     We have not included those quotes or reviews that support the show, because most of them only glamourize the sexual violence and misogyny as fun and distracting performances on camera.

     For us, it ultimately comes down to this: she’s somebody’s daughter. he’s somebody’s son. Would you want your son or daughter (sister, wife, or mother) to be sodomized on camera and then have it be defended as pure entertainment?

     But, since we haven’t actually watched the show, we’ll let those who have share their thoughts, concerns and comments. It seems important to clarify the definition of misogyny since that theme was mentioned repeatedly: the hatred or dislike of women or girls often manifested in the sexual objectification of women. Read on. warns, “Parents need to know that this big-budget fantasy series frequently depicts graphic, detailed acts of violence (including at least one violent act upon a child), as well as female nudity and graphic sexuality. Sexuality is portrayed in an especially iffy manner, with explicit discussion and depiction of incest, adultery, and's difficult to justify the way that rape and incest are eroticized by the show's writing and direction.”

     Sean, an independent filmmaker whose posts often include critiques of the way films represent different people voices his concern, “I have a really big problem with this show that really doesn’t allow me to connect with it. Game of Thrones constantly objectifies women.”

     The producer speaks out of two mouths when he attempts to defend human dignity, “Even if [even if?] the women in Game of Thrones are subjected to various abuses of misogyny…even the most sexualized and objectified woman in society is still human”

     On the The Opinioness of the World, a feminist blog, we strongly agree with this point, “But this IS a fantasy, not history, meaning the writers can imagine any world they wish to create.  So why create a sexist world rife with misogyny??”

     It was interesting to read the comments on the various articles and posts of others who have watched ‘Game of Thrones’. We’ll quote a few without names or credit:

“Even though I'm a dude the nudity is starting to become tiresome and uncomfortable for me.”

“I wonder if HBO has a deal with playboy channel…this show is starting to get tiresome with the use of sex just because we can! Maybe it was geared towards male caveman group.”

“In one scene my husband actually looked up from his car magazine to ask 'What on Earth are you watching?' and then inquired how I could hear the dialogue over the moans and groans in the background. He made me turn it down so the children/neighbors wouldn't hear!”

“The game of thrones book series describes (sometimes quite graphically) sexual acts with characters of young ages. I know the series is fiction, but I was wondering why it doesn't break laws about child pornography?”

“It might not surprise viewers to learn that some of the scenes were so raunchy that a number of actresses turned down parts on the show. Porn stars were even drafted in to play the more risqué roles.”

     Many viewers will continue to defend the show and their right to watch sexual violence and misogyny; and we will continue to speak truth about the dignity of every woman and child, a truth that speaks to the heart of every person.

“Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Why yes, Mr. Martin.

She’s somebody’s daughter. He’s somebody’s son.

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