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"Change always comes bearing gifts." ~ Price Pritchett

Working together we can help eradicate trafficking and change the world for a woman or child.

Shop online this Christmas and support a few groups who are busy on the front lines working to honor and value our women and children.

A few of my personal favorite online places to shop:

1) Women at Risk International: Their mission is to unite and educate women and children in areas of human trafficking and sexual slavery. Through culturally sensitive, value-added intervention projects and programs, WAR, Int’l offers women and children an opportunity to live life with dignity. Although specifically known for their fight against human trafficking and rehabilitating work with trafficking victims, WAR, Int’l addresses 14 different risk issues facing women and children today.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit and shop in their store in MI, but also have shopped online. Their jewelry and scarves are beautiful, and make meaningful gifts for friends and family. Shop now!

2) I was first ‘introduced’ to Don Brewster while watching ‘Nefarious’ and love his heart and all that he and his wife are doing:

When facing the truth of the atrocities in Cambodia, Bridget explained, “Our hearts broke realizing the largeness of the problem and we wanted to offer our help any way we could.” It was time to act.

After selling their home, quitting their jobs, conducting weeks of research and building a team, Don and Bridget moved to Cambodia and developed Agape International Missions (AIM).

3Strands is a fashion brand created to fund AIM’s Agape Training Center (ATC) in Svay Pak, Cambodia. ATC teaches women over 16 years old skills to be empowered in the workplace and allows them to be financially stable after being rescued from human trafficking.

Before you purchase a bracelet, learn more about what goes into each one:

The Scarlet Seed Story
The red seeds featured on all 3Strands bracelets can be discovered if one looks into the pods, which grow on Sandalwood trees, native to Cambodia. The colorless pods eventually dry up and fall to the ground and are forgotten, stepped over like trash as they blow away in the wind.  To Don Brewster, the founder of AIM, these pods are representative of how the Cambodian culture sees a child coming out of a brothel – as trash. But inside these dried up pods are beautiful, glossy, scarlet seeds that in their natural beauty, created by God, represents the beauty in each of the girls who have been freed, loved and empowered with a hope for the future. As each 3Strands bracelet is made by hand, with love, the girls incorporate the red Sandlewood seed in the design reminding them of their beauty within as they proudly sign their name to each bracelet.

3) I first learned about NightLight through two compelling blogs they posted:

A Few Good Men Part 1: “In the midst of deep brokenness and darkness, it is good to sometimes be reminded of the many decent men still out there.”

In honor of the Christmas season: Prostitution and Christ’s Advent: “I see a God who is not afraid to wrap our injured flesh around Him, a God who is not afraid to stand against false gods, a God who is not afraid to enter the darkness of a brothel, and a God who does not avert His eyes from evil.  In the midst of the darkness, His Light has come.”

NightLight is an international organization committed to addressing the complex issues of commercial sexual exploitation through prevention, intervention, restoration, and education; build relationships with victims of commercial sexual exploitation and those who are at-risk and provide hope, intervention, rescue, and assistance by offering alternative vocational opportunities, life-skills training, and physical, emotional, and spiritual development to those seeking freedom.

NightLight builds support networks internationally to intervene and assist women, men, and children whose lives are negatively impacted by the sex industry. NightLight’s mission is to do “whatever it takes” to affect change within the global sex industry.

Shop now!

4) FindingYourHomeAfter reading this little gem of a book (Finding Your Way Home), I fell in love with Magdalene! It is a residential program for women who have survived lives of prostitution, trafficking, addiction and life on the streets. Thistle Farms is the social enterprise that is run by the women of Magdalene. By hand, the women create natural bath and body products that are as good for the earth as they are for the body. Purchases of Thistle Farms products directly benefit the women by whom they were made.

I love using Thistle Farm products – the fragrances are amazing! - and have purchased various kits as gifts for my special friends. Shop today!


5) Claro brings light to social injustice by making candles that change the world. CLARO (latin): to bring light to the darkness.

They make candles that invite you to be part of a lasting story that changes the world.

Every candle purchased through Claro has a different giving outcome that fights social injustice in our world. Whether your purchase plants a tree, provides a meal, sends a child to school, or fights for the rights of abused women, your purchase has a lasting impact in the life of someone in need.  

Burn a candle. Bring light. Order yours today!

5) Because I love chocolate...! Fair Trade products like coffee and chocolate are a must, visit Fair Trade websites such as:

10,000 Villages
Night Light International

Stop the Traffik offers this downloadable easy guide on where to go and buy Fair Trade chocolate that has a “TRAFFIK FREE GUARANTEE” (Chocolate that can guarantee no involvement by trafficked people in the harvesting of the cocoa beans).

It gives tips such as:


    • Trader Joe’s
    • Target
    • Whole Foods
    • Wild Oats
    • Ten Thousand Villages

They also offer printable festive gift tags, so if you are planning to give chocolate as a gift this Christmas attach one of STOP THE TRAFFIK's Christmas gift tags. Their tags will tell the blessed recipient of your edible gift why you chose to buy chocolate that is certified.

Happy shopping this Christmas season, and remember “Even the smallest act is like a drop of water - it will make ripples throughout the entire pond...” Together, we can make a difference for the groups who are working on, and in the lives of those affected by, the issue of human trafficking.

Written by Tammy Stauffer, Director of She's Somebody's Daughter

This list is certainly not exhaustive as there are many more organizations and groups that could be added to this list, so please feel free to highlight those in the comments below.



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