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9:00 am – “Good morning! Are you ready?” 7 opt

Cupcakes. Check.

Gift bags. Check.

Food bins. Check.

Phone. Check.

Prayer. Check.

Home for 18-year-old.  ---.

Our most recent visiting day to the adult entertainment businesses we’ve adopted took a sudden turn when an 18-year-old girl, who no longer had a place to call home, reached out to us for help. After finding out a few details about her life and current situation, a safe place was offered for a few days until we could work out details for a longer term solution.

For those familiar with situations like this, we don’t need to explain that finding proper shelter or a good housing program for this age group isn’t as easy as making one or two phone calls and getting her enrolled.

After making sure this young lady had food, we helped her follow through with a job interview and then transported her in the rain to a safe place for the night.

4:00PM - It was time to begin our visits with cars packed full of food, cupcakes, and gift bags!

Generous volunteers supplied us with enough cupcakes, a July 4th cake, wraps, sandwiches, spaghetti salad, baked potato salad, and fruit to feed an army of about 50 – which was good because there was no lack of appetite this time!

Since we alternate meals and gifts between places every two weeks, two other places received gift bags full of goodies like sparklers, glow sticks, and bug repellant to help them enjoy a holiday weekend and cook outs with family and friends.
While the places we visit vary greatly, the comments are usually very similar:   

You’re here!!!
We love it when you come in!

Thank you so much for this food; I was so hungry!
This cake slaps!!! (yes, we’re learning some street language!)
Can I bake cupcakes for you sometime?

When will you be back again?
Can you help me with a resume?
What if I have a felony?
Can we come and visit you in your new office?

I want to show you a picture of my kids!
Do you have kids?

I wanted you to know that I have a doctor appointment next week…

You guys are such a blessing!!!

Bye ladies! Be safe out there… and we often answer that one with hugs and say “We will! And you be safe in here.”

Now what are you doing? was one of our favorite comments from a general manager who says he never knows what we’re up to when we come in to visit!

The 18-year-old is currently safe, and we will be working with a family in our community willing to help her get a better start in life.

1:00AM and very tired - Two of us on the visiting team looked at each other and asked, “Are you sure this is what we're supposed to be doing?”

"Yes, without any doubt, we are doing exactly what we’ve been called to do." 

"Okay! Good night; be safe out there."

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