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The recovery process needs to be holistic

I think people need to stop being so quick to judge people who dance and work in the industry because what people don't know is that everyone has a story and a past.

One of the ladies we now consider a good friend recently shared this, then went on to share more of her story:

I’ll never forget the day when I found my mom cooking crack in the kitchen. I never knew she even smoked crack…my mom’s habit was so bad she was selling her body. She was in jail quite a few times…

We are honored to know Miss A and be part of her journey at this time in her life. It is our prayer that she will find hope and love, instead of judgment.

All too often, one of the negative effects for those working in the adult industry includes exposure to drugs, drug addiction and alcohol abuse. These issues create some of the worst personal storms one must navigate in life. has this to say...

Research indicates that women working in the sex industry are faced with higher rates of drug addictions, and also mental health problems such as Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - more so than the general population.

Women in the sex industry face a myriad of issues that impact their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Many feel desperately isolated and alone. Because their hurts and needs are multifaceted, the approach to assisting them in the recovery process needs to be holistic as well. 


Partnering with Lighthouse Network

Drugs and mental health issues seem to go hand in hand for many of the employees we meet and talk with each week. While not every person we reach out to is personally struggling with these issues, they are often living with or are related to someone who is.
This is why we are honored to partner with Lighthouse Network: a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving people guidance through life’s personal storms. They will assist individuals and their loved ones who don’t know where to go for help when wrestling with a drug, alcohol, psychological, or emotional struggle. They will connect you with a counseling, addiction, or psychiatric care facility through their national database of treatment centers, counselors, and therapists.
They provide help from a holistic (spirit, mind, and body) perspective, and are open to helping people of all faiths.
They offer a free, confidential helpline and have provided a number specifically for SSD (1-855-790-7560) which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When someone calls the helpline number, that person is connected with a trained Lighthouse Network Care Guide who will listen to her/his story, answer questions, and find the best available treatment options.


Mental Health and Addiction Awareness Beaded Crystal Bracelets!

LNbracelets 11 opt

As part of our partnership with LN, two of our volunteers have been trained to make these special bracelets!

We are excited to offer these for a suggested donation of $20 each.

Each bracelet has 11 colorful and attractive beads to represent one category of mental health or addiction issues. Charms display one encouraging word such as: hope, love, faith, courage, honor, family, forgiveness.

Every bracelet starts significant conversations, raises awareness, shows love and sympathy for those struggling, and is a reminder to call, help, or pray for someone who is struggling.

When wearing the bracelet, it is common to have someone comment on it and ask about the meaning. This has been a great way to start a significant conversation about issues that are usually hidden under a blanket of shame.

We have given almost 50 bracelets to those we reach out to along with the helpline number and other helpful info included in the beautiful gift bag.

The responses so far have been interesting and varied:

  • The charm has my life word on it! Believe – see I have it tattooed on my side!
  • Well, I’ve dealt with everything every bead represents.
  • Can I have one for my friend? She needs this in her life.
  • I called the number last week to talk about an issue I was having with my bf!
  • Can I help make these bracelets?

For a suggested donation of $20 each, you could have one to wear or gift one to someone in the industry. If you are interested, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

Every donation helps us to continue reaching out with hope and love, and building relationships with those we are meeting in the adult entertainment industry.

We recently found this delightful quote: “LIFE isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to DANCE in the rain.” ― Vivian Greene

Help us dance in the rain with those who need a little hope, love and light.






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