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Shattered Vows: Hope and Healing for Women Who Have Been Sexually Betrayed: written by Debra Laaser

If you have been devastated by your husband’s sexual betrayal - whether an isolated incident or a long-term pattern of addiction, this book might just be for you.

"Shattered Vows" is packed with wisdom that will apply to your journey over time. Laaser does a wonderful job of unraveling each thread that is woven into the restoration process.


Plan to keep a copy of the book on your nightstand for as long as it takes you to follow through, one thread at a time. Consider buying a copy for a close Christian friend or mentor so that you can pray about and discuss it together.

I'll share one line from page 203: "As you forgive the one who betrayed you, you will find yourself talking differently about him, thinking differently about him, and extending mercy to him. This kind of forgiveness invites you in to the process yourself, recognizing that you can extend true forgiveness only if you have been on the receiving end of it."~ Reader Review



Book Review on Covenant Eyes: Shattered Vows

by Laura Booz

My only reservation in handing you a book is that a book can be devoured in one evening, while the process of healing from sexual betrayal takes a much longer time.


Shattered Vows

Rebuild your relationship by rebuilding trust. Then open "windows" in the relationship.

By Hara Estroff Marano, Shirley Glass on Psychology Today

Sometimes people will open windows but not put up walls. Sometimes they put up walls but don't open the windows. Unless you do both, you cannot rebuild safety and trust in the marriage.


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