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Scripture/Prayers for Families

Scripture/Prayers for Families

The scriptures/prayers featured below are resources for families.

Prayer prompts to help you pray for your youth and adult children.

All knowing God, help my adult child to flee sexual pollution - to turn away from it, not look at it, and not be drawn to it. Give him (her) the conviction to change the channel; shut down the website; throw out the magazine DVD, or CD. Or walk out of the theater. Give him (her) an understanding that by turning away from the plan and purpose You have before him (her) - even if it's only occurring in the mind - will be a trap to fall into and a snare for his (her) soul.

May he (she) hide your word in his (her) heart and distinguish your voice from all others.


Father, I pray that my adult children will get rid of anything in their lives that causes them to compromise the purity of soul that You desire. Don't let the light die in their eyes because of seeing sexual pollution. Help them to look to You, and bring those into their life that can help by offering grace, hope and compassion when they need it.

I pray for a breaking down of the idols of sexual promiscuity, pornography, perversion, sensuality, and immorality in the media, in our land, in our homes, and in our lives.

I pray especially that my adult children will not be tempted, trapped, swayed, or polluted by any of it. Protect them.


Lord, I pray that You would make whole those things in my adult child's heart that are broken. Bring restoration of those things that have been lost or taken. Restore lost innocence, lost drams, lost time, lost opportunities, lost relationships.

Bring the healing and transformation needed so that she (he) can receive the kind of wholeness only You can provide. 


Heavenly father, Thank you for the gift of our daughter/son (child's name).  

You have created him (her) to be wonderfully unique, like no one else on earth. You have given her (him) gifts and talents that she (he) might live joyfully and bless the world.  You have given her (him) the ability and the desire to love and be loved.

Please help (name) to understand her/his value as your child and may she/he never feel the need to give in to peer pressure to be accepted or to go against what she/he knows is right.

Father, we pray that you would protect the eyes and heart of our child's future spouse. Give that young man or woman the support and strength today he (she) needs to navigate this culture and keep their heart pure.

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