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Articles For Pastors/Churches

Articles For Pastors/Churches

The articles featured below are resources for pastors and churches.

A Pastor’s Struggle With Sex and Porn Addiction by MICHAEL JOHN CUSICK

Cusick is the author of Surfing for God: Discovering the Devine Design Beneath the Sexual Struggle. Read the article to get a glimpse of the struggle between being a pastor and a sex and porn addiction.

Conventional wisdom says that guys don’t talk about their feelings. 

Music for the Soul director Steve Siler says, “That’s nonsense! Over and over I’ve heard that as an excuse for why one can’t talk to men about the issue of pornography. 

I’ve found from personal experience when speaking to groups of men that this is simply nonsense. True, they may be used to doing it in a more off-color way. But I’ve found it’s actually quite simple to get guys to talk seriously about pornography. I start by giving them something I call the Ephesians 5:3 Quiz*”

Take the Ephesians 5:3 Quiz

BecomeaSSDchurchAs the church we are called to live as "children of the light." Review the PDF to find several ways your congregation can become one that tells the truth about pornography, offers counseling and support to those who need help, educates and mentors its youth, and empowers its members to become change agents in the community.

Download the PDF.


Steve Siler kept a lid on his anger as the baptismal liturgy for two little girls progressed. Addressing the congregation, the minister asked members if they promised to assist the girls’ parents in their nurture in the Christian faith and practice to the glory of God. The response in unison: Yes.

“I wanted to stand up and say, ‘You know what?’” Siler said. “You are all a bunch of liars. Because the truth about the world these girls are growing up in is a truth no one in this church wants to deal with.’” Siler didn’t want to be on the family video making that claim, but he questions how he can remain in relationship with a church that turns a blind eye as its young girls and women are thrust into a society saturated with sex marketing, addicted to pornography, and compliant in selling girls for prostitution. For the 15 years he’s attended that church, he hasn’t heard one sermon on pornography.

Read more from One Man's Daughter, Another Man's Victim

Pastors and Cybersex Addiction By Dr. Mark Laaser and Louis Gregoire

ABSTRACT Clergy of all religious traditions are presenting in increasing numbers with addiction to Internet pornography. This article examines the characteristics of clergy who suffer from it. Clergy have been shown to be uneducated about healthy sexuality and boundaries in ministry. The nature of their role increases vulnerability to addiction and adds unique challenges to treatment. Treatment for clergy must be sensitive to these challenges particularly in assessing ability to remain in or return to the practice of ministry. An ongoing accountability plan will be essential in allowing church authorities to feel confident about the ministerial practice of those who suffer from Internet addiction. 

Pastors and Pornography by Paul Kendall

"Let’s settle something once and for all: Viewing porn is a sin, and a pastor’s use of porn is the pastor’s ultimate responsibility to address and rectify. But there is a better option than earthly exposure or ultimate judgment: deliverance. It is absolutely possible to be delivered from the grips of pornography and sexual sin."

Join Paul and explore fighting the good fight while remembering what the strategy of porn really is.

Pastor's, Porn and Blazing Grace Seminary  by Mike Genung

"Have you ever wondered how half of our pastors could have a porn problem, as the statistics show? Our country is packed with seminaries and Bible colleges led by devoted and gifted scholars, yet many of our ministry leaders are masturbating to pornography. How could these men pass through our Christian educational centers knowing so much of God’s truth, (in Greek and Hebrew even) yet still have a secret addiction to sexual sin?"

Explore Mike's Blazing Grace Seminary.

The Effects Of Pornography On Individuals, Marriage, Family And Community by Patrick F. Fagan, Ph.D.

Executive Summary:  Pornography is a visual representation of sexuality which distorts an individual’s concept of the nature of conjugal relations. This, in turn, alters both sexual attitudes and behavior. It is a major threat to marriage, to family, to children and to individual happiness. In undermining marriage it is one of the factors in undermining social stability .

Social scientists, clinical psychologists, and biologists have begun to clarify some of the social and psychological effects, and neurologists are beginning to delineate the biological mechanisms through which pornography produces its powerful negative effects. 

Download this PDF to explore the effects of pornography on individuals, marriages and families.

When Pastors Need Deliverance By Doris M. Wagner

"Why do some Christian leaders--who appear to be pillars of strength--fall into sin? Here's a look at how pastors get caught in the enemy's snare, and how they can break free."

When Porn and Pastors Collide By Douglas Weiss, Ph.D.

Few things are more disheartening than seeing one of your own staff members fall to pornography. As a senior pastor, your reaction and guidance set the stage for this leader's future path. Do you have a policy on porn? Are you updated on the latest stats? Are you proactive or reactive?

Read the discussion about actions you can take to help close the door on pornography use among your staff as well as have open conversations for restoration and healing.

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