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Blogs For Pastors/Churches

Blogs For Pastors/Churches

The blogs featured below are resources for pastors and churches.

Join Jonathan Daughtery as he blogs about healing sexual brokenness, a blog for the struggler and his wife.  Lots of insights and tips for living a life of sexual integrity one day at a time... Listen...Love...Learn!

Join Mike Genung at Blazing Grace as he covers different topics such as blazing grace, christian life, freedom from Porn and Sex Addiction, the Church and our wives.

If you like no-hold barred, no compromise content on porn, the church, the Christian life, and finding freedom from sexual addiction, this blog is for you. 

Porn and adultery are destroying families left and right. Men are in deep bondage, women are hurting, kids are being neglected – and corrupted by our sex-saturated society. We know, because we receive your emails. And, I struggled with porn and sexual sin for 20 years and could have lost my marriage because of it.

When children lose their fathers because Dad was so self-absorbed and in bondage to sin that he didn’t see what was important until it was too late, it breaks my heart. When wives email and say their Christian husband won’t give up porn and ask what to do, it grieves us to hear that another family is on the edge of destruction.

When churches don’t talk about sexual sin or porn just because they’re afraid of saying the word SEX, it makes me sick. Our families are failing because we’re too afraid to confront the truth that at least half of the men in church are messing with porn; many families are at risk because the men aren’t being confronted with no-compromise truth that they could destroy their lives and that of their families from “just porn.”

We’re building a team of writers so you’ll get a rich variety of perspectives and life experience.

Freedom Begins Here blog offers insight and help for pastors and individuals looking for resources to really help with the problem of pornography and sexual addiction. 

Freedom Begins Here is confronting the issues no one else wants to talk about. We've created numerous resources to help people find freedom from porn addiction and other sexual sin. 

Freedom Begins Here was created in response to countless emails and phone calls from pastors and individuals looking for resources to really help with the problem of pornography and sexual addiction. Not just another book to read or a twelve-step program. Not a band-aid to cover the wound or a pill to mask the pain. We need to begin to shine the light of truth on the darkness by honestly talking about the problem, admitting our weaknesses and failings, and walk together in ruthless accountability.

"You are not the only one being affected if you are married.  She is in pain because of your porn usage.  Your children are being affected as well.  They deserve the best man you can be.  You decide. Do they get the porn drunk you or the porn free you?  I recommend the porn free you.  It’s the better you!"

Read more at the Heart to Heart Blog by Dr. Doug Weiss

X3 Pastor's Blog

"Sometimes people wonder...why does XXXchurch exist? Why did we make pornography our ministry focus? Why did we choose to ruffle feathers and pull back the curtain on this industry? Why didn’t we focus on something a little more culturally tolerable, something that isn’t so much of a punch line?" from Pastor's Blog Jan 7, 2014.

Because people matter, that’s why.

An honest and real look at this issue pastor's face, but too often don't talk about. Porn has either grabbed a hold of their life and they are drowning in guilt and shame, or they are hearing from numerous men facing the same struggle.

Freedom is possible. One post that really encourages freedom is Craig Gross's post titled "Action Steps Encouraging Others".

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