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Audio/Video For Wives/Spouses

Audio/Video For Wives/Spouses

The audio/video resources featured below are resources for wives and spouses.

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Deb Laaser's reflections on her journey as the spouse of a man caught in the web of sexual addiction. Her uplifting thoughts will bolster a women's resolve to stay in the battle and grow through the difficult times.

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A couple's difficult story of addiction and pain over the years of their marriage stemming from a childhood abuse. Their triumph is a testimony to the power of God's spirit at work.

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The Candeo Podcast for Women - "It's Not Your Fault" Speaks directly to Women who are concerned about husbands, children and others who may be struggling with an addiction to Internet Pornography. "It's Not Your Fault" speaks to listeners, especially women, that it is not their fault their husband is addicted to pornography. Each week host Becky Harding will interview experts in the Pornography Addiction Recovery field and those who have personal experience overcoming an addiction or helping a loved one come to terms with and heal from an addiction to Internet Pornography. The Candeo Program is an online training system that is designed to shed new light on the scientifically proven reality of pornography addiction, and to bring about healing through a revolutionary approach to learning and behavior modification.

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Christian singer Clay Crosse, with his wife Renee, shares his story of struggling with pornography and how together they stood as a couple through the revelations, the confessions, the hurts and their renewed commitment to establish a holy home to the glory of God. This moving story will captivate the hearts of those that are struggling AND the hearts of those that need to offer mercy, grace and loving support.

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A spouse's story of her own co-dependent relationship with an addicted spouse and how her personal healing came from settling the issue of who is on the throne of her life.

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How Porn Addiction Harms the Person – Dr. Mary Anne Layden

A frank discussion about how pornography desensitizes a person and leads to harm for the user and those in relationship with the user.

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The Impact of Pornography on Women by Jill C. Manning

A discussion of pornography’s negative impact on women, including teens. Social Science Findings and Clinical Observations 

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Dr. Shelley Lubben presents the truth about pornography to students at Bakersfield Christian High School, February 2013.

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