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Addiction Recovery & Accountability Apps for Women/Young Women

Addiction Recovery & Accountability Apps for Women/Young Women

The addiction recovery and accountability apps featured below are resources for women and young women.


recoveryBox Addiction Recovery & Accountability iOS App

Designed for accountability, recoveryBox, the iOS Mobile App for Addiction Recovery, is an iOS app toolset that facilitates tracking of daily life activities by easily breaking them down into your "lights". Breaking habits requires knowing why we do what we do, when do we do it and coming up with goals to break unhealthy behaviors. recoveryBox has the tools needed to help with any addiction recovery. 

Download from the iTunes Store and begin your journey to freedom.

Track your daily lights, triggers, set goals and follow their progress, follow a traditional 12-Step program or use the Celebrate Recovery program, set daily reminders to enter your activities as well as reminders to communicate with accountability partner/sponsor, track your date of sobriety and customize it with your favorite picture for inspiration, earn badges for accomplishments, read daily devotionals, pray over the Serenity Prayer, follow and connect with others on Facebook and/or Twitter. Be Engaged! Be Supported! Be Rewarded!

XXXChurch get's it. They understand your student's world. Learn more so you are equipped to interact and help your student. Get your questions answered, find resources for young men and women, get help and find you are not alone.

XXXchurch offers a plethoria of resouces for you to check out.


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